J Beverly Hills recently sat down with Pablo Kümin, J Beverly Hills’ International Artistic Design Team Member during his time in the United States for our Pro Lab Event. Learn more about Pablo and his experience here in the US and his passion for doing hair!

“First and foremost, why did you become a stylist and how has it affected your life?” 

“I became a stylist because I always wanted to go as a fashion designer. And I was styling a lot and I already figured out my life for like the next 10 years and then I was sitting on the floor like, I like school but I’m a more hands-on person so I knew I couldn’t do 10 years of school, it was going to be a long way and someone told me I should become a hairdresser, so I went to a salon and after the second day I totally decided to go for hair. Because it just felt right and I just loved the material and I used to look down a lot of crazy haircuts of my own and from there on life changed 180 degrees and like I used to party a lot and so I stopped partying for literally 3 years and just went home and used every day to just create and touch hair.”

How did you get your start in the industry?

“I did the normal thing what you do in Europe, I did three years of assisting in a salon but I was getting in the best salon in Switzerland and they have an academy as well and next I was officially done with assisting and then it was education, where right away you get colour education, cutting education as well as like how to speak, how to act with clients, how to act on stage, and on the second year already I started cutting clients and I went to Germany and worked in a salon to build up my clientele and then went back to Switzerland because the owner of the salon in Switzerland was the same as the one in Germany so I would go back and forth.  And in my third year, in my assisting time, I start to get lesson to teach, and I start in the middle of my third year, start teaching my mates, and I was teaching people who were already like 13 years in the industry. So it was a good opportunity for me, it was a good start.”

What inspires you?

“Actually everything could inspire me because I try to think of hair like, I treat my hair to this point, there’s no point I can’t think about hair. Everything I see I try to culminate in the industry and I try to be inspired, especially in like museums and nature.”

What does working with Juan and J Beverly Hills have to offer?

“For me, the fun thing to work with J Beverly Hills and Juan Juan for me it’s a step in the US. So the step from oversea, from Europe to USA. So for me it’s fun to come to the US cause it’s totally different vibe here in the US. Especially in the different states, so even kind of uh, Nebraska was quite different than Boston, and so for me it’s definitely like different territory and put my name out there and the thing is like I also grow with this travel. I always grow with a company so now to grow with this company is cool.”

What is your passion and creative drive for doing hair?

“It’s my life. I wake up and go to bed and the last thing I think about is hair. For me, it’s hard to understand, but my life is hair! Everything I breathe is hair.”

What do you enjoy offering in your classes to inspire other hairstylists?

“When I do classes, I try to open their minds on to show them how easy and fun it is doing hair ups and I try to awaken their own creativity. I show them techniques but I let them to still try to put their own taste, I not try to, their own individuality. And I treat them as individually.”

Which J Beverly Hills product is your favorite to use when styling?

Dry Shampoo and Volumis Powder.”

What is the J Beverly Hills product no one should be without?

Dry Shampoo!”

Which iconic hairstyles do you love?

“Oh, there’s a lot. There’s a lot of iconic hairstyles, but like getting to the iconic styles, I definitely love braiding and there’s a lot of hairstyles that are getting to a point, but they are changing, so for me it’s braiding at the moment. It’s a good way to express yourself because it is so easy to do and like the people can change the way it look, so for me it’s braiding at the moment.”

What was your greatest moment as a hairstylist?

“I can’t say. I’m really blessed I’ve had so many good, good opportunities and good moments in my life, in my industry and there’s like winning the hall of fame avant garde in Switzerland and kind of being at the shows for Chanel, being at the shows for Dior and stuff, this is like, everything is together, I don’t want to miss one of these moments, but all of them together.”

If you could only use one J Beverly Hills product for the rest of your life, what would you choose?!

Dry Shampoo because you can wash your hair with it, so if I could just use the Dry Shampoo I would be happy because if I can’t wash my hair, I would clean it with the Dry Shampoo and you can even style it.”

Do you have any favorite trends for summer 2016?

“Water wave, finger waves are really strong at the moment. Definitely the wet looking hair so like put the Masque in, don’t wash it out, leave it in, so it leaves it wet looking and not stiff. The wet look this summer.”

What is your number one hair care tip?

“Wash and condition your hair and then put on the Masque. Don’t wash the Masque out and leave it as a styling look. Maybe fix it with hairspray so you have the hold and the Masque on your hair so you don’t have to worry about time and it looks really nice as a wet look and it’s a really good treatment.”

Do you have a motto for yourself that keeps you going?

“You’re just as good as your last hairstyle, so even if I achieve all these things in my past, I’m only as good as my last hairstyle.”

How has your time in the United States been?

“Amazing and fun! Busy and I like the people here they treat me well and it’s fun to see how the people think here. And I think the US people are quite easy to get excited about. So it’s kind of easy to work with them.”

Big thank you to Pablo Kumin for all his amazing hard work throughout his trip in the United States!